Landfill for New York: Art and Resiliency Workshop

Red Hook, Brooklyn, similar to the Rockaways, Queens faces the challenge of reimagining its future through innovative resiliency tools and strategies often originated within the community. On June 17, 2017 Landfill project took part in Building Resiliency 2017: A Day Of Action organized by The Resilience, Education, Training and Innovation Center (RETI Center) to explore how Red Hook can become more resilient through local actions. Art and Resilience works—Äop participants discussed the reasons why and the ways artists can play a role in resiliency efforts and community-based planning, as well as how to test and implement these roles in the Landfill Project.

The workshop participants brought up a variety of reasons why collaboration between artists and planners within a community-based planning process could be beneficial.

These are some of the things that art can do for community-based planning:

Capture the momentum

Communicate the process through a different language and visualize goals

Make the conversation less formal and less scary

Emphasise the personal rather than the institutional

Build trust between communities and institutions


Increase participation by adding art shows and talks to community meetings

Nourish the research process

Provide different ways of thinking and take the process out of common set of rules

These are the things that art planning can do for artists:

Bring input from the real world and inform work with new themes

Become an art process in itself

Help create change

Connect to other ways of thinking

Provide direct exposure to human experience

Expand the audience to reach people from outside the art world

Unlock new non-art-specific funding

The RETI Center (The Resilience, Education, Training and Innovation Center) is a non-profit organization acting as a local hub dedicated to partnering with organizations in the education, business, and workforce development sectors to enhance and deepen their engagement in resilience. RETI Center provides services to support and transform existing efforts and creates new programming to help grow and sustain an economic future for New York City and open pathways for youth and underserved communities.