The Landfill Project: Student workshops

During five sessions a group of high school students researched the potential of Edgemere landfill. Guided by the general themes of energy production, disaster refuge, environmental art, park and environmental restoration, student created proposals for the future of this site.

Among the visions created by the students are a hydroponics-based food production system responding to the lack of healthy food opportunities in the area; a refuge in case of flooding based on the fact the landfill is the only elevated site in the Rockaways, a hub for disaster education, a composting site, a solar power station, an environmental art piece transforming the landfill into a gigantic canvas, a picnic area open for public holidays, a botanical garden and others.

In May 2018 students were able to visit the landfill that is currently inaccessible for public. The representatives of the New York City Department of Sanitation guided the visit followed by students presentations at the Sanitation garage located on site.