The Landfill Project: Expert&Artist Workshop

The Landfill Project extended team of urban planners, artists and landscape architects gathered to brainstorm potential scenarios for the landfill.

Below are some of the ideas proposed by participants.

«If we had pontoon bridges that we could set up.. During Sandy. all these areas were islands that nobody could access for a pretty long time until all the waters receded. Is there some sort of water infrastructure that we could put in place to help people get out before the city can get there? This could be an emergency exit for the neighborhood.»

«When you think about disaster, there is ecological disaster, there is social disaster, there is political disaster, there is emotional disaster. All of those things weave together and have different probabilities. Refuge from disaster includes energy production, ecological restoration and art. You build up a higher hill, you bring in wind break, soft edges, shelters which can be somehow folded into the landscape. This is a template for refuge. Experiments on what refuge means within the new world.»

«To allow the place to be what it is. What happens to the edge? The notions of shape shifting over time.. How would the shape move? There is natural succession but this will be an atypical one.»