The Landfill Project: Visioning Workshop

Join us on September 8 at 12 pm for a workshop with residents, students, experts, officials and artists to dream the future of the Edgemere Landfill. The Landfill Project exhibition will help inform the conversation and the ideas for this unique site.

The Edgemere Landfill, a former municipal dump in the Rockaways, Queens, has been closed for over 20 years. The landfill operated as a disposal site from 1938 to 1991, receiving about 1200 tons of waste per day. Today, Edgemere Landfill is capped and is at the end of a remedia­tion process that has converted it into a spectacular, and yet unused site offering views of Jamaica Bay and the distant Manhattan skyline. The land is facing an as-yet-undeter­mined future.

The Landfill Project is an exhibit at the Rockaway Institute for a Sustainable Environment, that explores the site and strategies to create and use it for positive impact for Edgemere. Defining the constraints, opportunities and expressions of the site’s unique features helps to imagine what this land could become in the future.