The Landfill Project: Vision

Environmental Restoration, Disaster Relief, Recreation and Energy were the focuses that brought together a variety of ideas for the future of t landfill in the Rockaways. They were created during the public sessions at the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, a series of workshops with high school and college students, as well as as during the seminars as part of several conferences (for details please see

In order to create a meaningful public visioning process, the Landfill Project team consisting of Pratt Institute students, professors and alumni carried out a multi-step program. Starting with a series of expert and artist conversations and workshops with local high school students, it led to the Exhibition at the RISE center which hosted several public and student workshops. As a result, the visions are well-developed and well-informed and can exist either individually or in combination.

The drawing above shows a compilation of all four focuses explaining how the multi-functionality of each element could help Edgemere landfill to not only become a much desired recreational space, but also enhance ecology, provide flood refuge and generate economic benefit for the community through producing renewable energy.

The Landfill Project questioned the landfill-to-park narrative and, together with more than 60 participants, created proposals that look at public space beyond recreation and at the public design process beyond informational sessions. It demonstrated that Edgemere landfill can provide ecological and economic services to the community as well as increase its ability to withstand the consequences of climate change.